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Thank you for your consideration in supporting our annual conference!

QLEC is a growing committee comprised of driven, passionate, ambitious and hardworking change-makers. Our executive team strives to empower students to lead positive change within their communities and beyond, in a socially conscious manner. At QLEC, we are fearless do-ers and go-getters. We aim to challenge our student body to bring their most heartening ideas to life, encouraging them to bridge the gap between ideas and actions. We endeavor to develop actionable leaders through a series of initiatives including our conference weekend, engaging workshops, interactive panel sessions and case challenges.

By partnering with us and supporting our conference, you are directly enabling our enthusiastic and talented delegate pool to partake in a transformative conference experience aimed at honing their leadership skills and facilitating their development as provoking agents of change. A partnership with QLEC is a mutually beneficial relationship and a strategic investment. Our conference attracts a growing number of students every year from across North America with a diversity of academic backgrounds. Our pool of delegates is of high caliber, attending some of

Canada’s and the United State’s most prestigious post-secondary institutions. Undoubtedly, these students are the future leaders of tomorrow. By partnering with us, you will have the chance to communicate your brand and significantly increase its visibility amongst our delegate pool. In addition, you will have the opportunity to network and discuss with a group of impassioned students and perhaps, find some of your company’s future leaders!

Is it our hope that you will join us on our journey and collaborate to develop tomorrow’s

future leaders!


Sarah Maat and the QLEC Team

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Our QLEC Sponsorship Package contains important information regarding partnership and in-kind opportunities.

2022 Sponsor Package Coming Soon

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